5 Most Common Applications of the Chainlink Fence

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Chainlink Fence

A chainlink fence is a firm fence generally woven of galvanized steel wires. The wires are aligned vertically and bend in a zig-zag pattern so that each “zig” is in coherence with the others on one side and each “zag” is with the others on the other. This results in the characteristic diamond pattern that we usually see in this type of fence.

Applications of Chainlink Fence:

The chainlink fence is used as a protective barrier, where walls don’t come into play. That is the reason they have a wide variety of applications in the commercial markets.  Let’s have a look at some of the most common applications:


The chainlink fence is one of the most common fences found in parks. Here, the chainlink has an upper hand over the wall because of the most practical reason of seeing the beauty, the vegetation, and the actions inside the park from outside. Moreover, it helps in keeping the kids and pets from straying away onto the roads.

Construction sites

This is another place where we can find chainlinks. Here building a wall takes more time and effort. However, the chainlink fence is easy to use and also helps as the temporary solution that the construction sites need. Moreover, this helps in keeping intruders such as thieves and strays away.

Open Lands and Farm Lands

The chainlink is considered as the most practical fencing application here because of two major reasons. One is that it is the most efficient and economic material to mark the boundary of your property. Moreover, it helps in keeping away pastures and other intruders from entering your property.

Pastures, pets, and poultry fencing

Like us humans, the other animals also need a sense of freedom to lead a healthy life. However, they also need protection from foreign and need to be bound to a specific area without straying away. So, Chainlink fence serves as the most logical application here. On the other hand, the closely woven diamond knots avoid the pastures and poultry from hurting themselves.

Highways and Railway tracks

They are considered as one of the hotspots for accidents. With speeding automobiles from both ends, any animal or human interference might result in grievous incidents. That is the reason the chainlink fence is used here as a protective barrier to minimize this interference and help in a smooth and constant flow of traffic.

There are many other applications of a chainlink fence. It is one fencing solution that suits multiple purposes. Moreover, it is also considered a superior fencing option because of the high tensile strength and closely knot structure that makes it a practical substitute for a wall. On the other hand, it is also quite an economic option and is easily customizable when compared to a wall for a larger area. This is the reason for its versatile application across industries.

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