All You Need to Know About Galvanization of Steel Wires

Extremely resistant to rust and corrosion, are the preferred steel wires by any customer for their fields, farms, houses or commercial buildings. Ideally, what makes them resistant to corrosion and rust is the question.

The process of galvanization of steel wires is ideal for a wide range of applications and is responsible for preventing the wires from getting corroded. There are several threads in a Galvanized steel wire, also known as wire cable, and each of these threads is composed of intertwined wires on the threaded core. The threaded core can be either a fibre, an independent wire rope, or a wire strand.

The Process of Galvanization

What is involved as the main procedure for making the steel wires corrosion resistant is defined as the process of galvanization, where the steel is mixed with the metal zinc. As and when steel is immersed in melted zinc, the chemical reaction between the two elements results in galvanization. A galvanized steel wire is considered superior and a better choice than any other steel wire for various reasons.  

The process of galvanization in galvanized steel wires involves submerging the steel wire into a heated zinc bath. Then, depending on the thickness of the zinc, the corrosion resistance of the wire is gradually increased. Galvanization is considered to be a better process than painting because unlike paint, which only coats the surface, the zinc becomes a permanent part of the wire and finds its presence in the core of the wire. The thick coating of the zinc on the galvanized steel wires almost makes them immune to rust and corrosion attacks, further making the wires the perfect choice for commercial, industrial, marine and outdoor applications. 

Uses of the Galvanized Steel Wires

Galvanized wires are used in a wide range of industries, from paper and pulp, utilities, farming, appliances to manufacturing, automotive, industrial, marine and aircraft. Galvanized wires usually come in the variants of Galvanized Steel Wire and Galvanized Iron wire. Both serve the same purpose, and you can go through the wide range of Galvanized Steel Wires at and choose the best fit for you.

Galvanized Steel Wires, just like the GI Wires, are useful for various purposes and have strong longevity properties due to their corrosion resistance properties. It is popular among farmers as it protects the crop from intruders and doesn’t let the chemicals affect the strength of the wire. It is also favoured in the automotive industry because of its anti-rust and longevity properties. 

Tata Wiron is one of the leading manufacturers of Galvanized steel wires in India and produces a wide range of wires for industries ranging from farming, automobile, poultry to infrastructure and many more.