Choosing The Right Chicken Fencing Wire

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Choosing a fence for chickens should not be done in a hurry. You must do everything possible to give your chickens a healthy environment to stay in. While choosing a chicken fencing wire, there are many things to consider to ensure that the quality of the poultry is not adversely affected.

You need to ask yourself the following questions before purchasing the right poultry wire:

  • Will the fence protect my chickens?
  • Can you stop the local wildlife?
  • Will it be durable?

Now that we have dealt with some important questions, let’s take a look at the most popular option for chicken fencing wires.

  1. Poultry Wire
    Poultry or chicken wires have been around for a long time! This is because it has been specifically designed for the poultry industry and its needs. It is made of galvanized steel, comes with extra thickness and is suitable for welding or fabrication work.This wire has all the properties which protect the quality of your poultry. Poultry farmers love this wire because it is resistant to corrosion and the reactions inside the poultry cage caused by the birds excreta, and provides an overall healthy environment to the chickens.
  2. Chainlink Fence 

    Most of the people consider chainlink fence as a chicken fencing wire. Sometimes they need to, because they want something heavier, due to roaming of wild or larger animals in the area.For example, a bear might break a chicken coop, but against a thick chainlink fence, access will become more difficult. Chainlink fence are relatively more expensive than traditional chicken netting due to the quality and materials used in their construction. It can be a good option to fence the external boundaries of the poultry farm but can’t be used as a cage, as the inside environment of a poultry farm is very reactive to corrosion.

  3. Rabbit Wire 

    Typically, these fencing wires are made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, and welded steel with a scale thicker than ordinary chicken wire. Instead of the known hexagons, the material is usually square or rectangular. The material is a bit stronger and can usually have smaller holes in it, which makes for a safer space for chickens where they can be protected from predatory animals.

So now that you have seen what kind of wire will help you protect your chickens, all you have to do is to make an informed decision, and choose the right fencing solution for poultry farming. Remember, however, to choose only a quality wire such as Tata Wiron GI poultry wire to offer the best habitat for your chickens.

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