Spoke Wire – The Preferred choice of Wheel Manufacturers

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Spoke are the connecting rods between a bicycle and its rim. The ultimate purpose is transferring weight
load caused by the rider and the bike. This means that the spoke on the ground would have zero to no
load because of equal distribution of weight among the other spokes.

Spoke wire may seem basic and easy to design but, it is equally or maybe even more complicated than
the other wheel alignment alternatives. Initially it seemed unsophisticated and did not fill the role,
which led to its failure. But today, wheel manufacturers prefer using an array of galvanized, coated, and
high carbon spoke wires.

Why should you choose wheels with spoke wire?

A bicycle or a motorcycle is a mode of transport that needs reliable support with high tensile strength.
Spoke wires are durable and sturdy, and hence fit the requirement of the bicycles. Meanwhile, keeping
the aerodynamic design in mind, this wire is lightweight as well.

An obvious choice when choosing material for spoke is steel. Whether it should be stainless steel or high
carbonated one, depends on the rider. If they want corrosion resistant spoke, Galvanized steel will be
better. This is because it resists corrosion due to the high amount of chromium it contains. Likewise, the
carbonated steel will have a protective layer to prevent rust.

Why is spoke wire so popular?

Using spoke wire was one of the first steps towards modernization. Though there are a gamut of options
waiting for implementation, spoke wire still proves to be unmatched.

  • Its flexibility, durability and reliability are hard to find in any of its counterparts.
  • It provides a combination of hardness with good tensile strength to give birth to an impactful
  • The zinc coating on spoke wire makes sure that it lasts long.
  • Cost of maintenance is low as only the damaged spoke would require replacement as opposed to the whole wheel (which is the case with alloy wheel).

Therefore, considering spoke wire for bicycles or motorcycles can be extremely advantageous because
of its long serving life and smooth payoff.

Summing up!

Despite many replacements emerging in the market, the spoke wire from Tata Wiron is among the most
trusted and preferred one. It ensures safety of the people on the road and this is why it is the foremost
choice of wheel manufacturers.

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