Things to keep in mind while choosing poultry wire for poultry farming

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Poultry farming is a profitable business if the approach and setup is done right. This type of farming is
capable of generating lucrative income throughout the year. The involved businesses and individuals
hence emphasize on good techniques of poultry farming, one of them being layered poultry farming.

The need for poultry wire

No matter which technique works for the farmer, the need for poultry fencing is always evident. Good
quality poultry wire and mesh help to keep the chickens safe and healthy inside the farm. Some benefits
of using high quality wire are to the poultry are:

  • Safe and secure from carnivorous animals and large birds.
  • Well contained in a space.
  • Provide corrosion resistant environment inside the cage preventing cuts on legs.

The right features of Poultry wire for chicken farm

Poultry wire is pivotal to layered poultry farming and egg harvest. The characteristics below are worth
considering when choosing the right Poultry wire for your farm:

  • Uniform zinc coating

Galvanized poultry wires in poultry farms keep the chicken coop safe from bird poop and other reactive
elements. The uniform coating of zinc on the wire is a sign of high-quality with corrosion resistant
property of wire. Properly galvanized poultry wire is unreactive to the harsh environment. It does not
rust soon and maintains durability. Therefore, using galvanized poultry wires can make your fences very
stable and safe for the poultry inside.

  • Higher thickness

The thickness of the poultry wire matters a lot when the farmer makes a choice for the fencing. High
thickness wires are good for poultry farm fencing. This is because thick wires provide support to
chickens in layered poultry farming. They also stay firmly in place so that the chickens move around the
cage easily without harming their legs.

In addition, poultry wire is easy to weld and create fencing joints. However, the wire should also stay
firm and strong after fencing so that active chickens stay safe inside. The use of high thickness wires
leads to proper cages for egg-laying chickens and their lifestyle.

  • Easy to weld

The farmers make multiple layered cages for chickens with the wire. Therefore, ease in welding is
important. The poultry wire that easily welds together to create stable cages is perfect for large-scale
poultry farming.

By choosing easy to weld GI poultry wire, the farmer does less work to set up the chicken cages. It is
useful for both the large-scale and small-scale poultry farms.

To conclude, poultry wire for chicken farms and cages needs to fulfill several important requirements.
For instance, farmers prefer wires that are unreactive, non-corrosive and safe for the birds. Durable and
easy-to-use wires from Tata Wiron hence top the list of their preferences.

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