There have been many innovations in the fencing industry in recent years, providing manufacturers with a variety of fence systems for livestock production and protection. GI Barbed wires are one of the most popular amongst these fencing solutions.

About GI Barbed Wires

Barbed wire fences are woven from two or more smooth galvanized steel wires with two or four strands of turnings spaced 4-5 inches apart. These strands usually act as thorns and help prevent any foreign intruders into the farms.

Why GI Barbed Wires

Whether, used for permanent garden slats, final units, temporary garden slats, or home fencing, one must carefully plan and opt for a fencing material that has high efficiency, longevity, low maintenance, etc. That is the reason most people consider GI Barbed Wires for fencing solutions. Let’s look at these reasons in detail.

High Efficiency

GI Barbed wires are considered to be the most efficient fencing solutions for farmlands. They act as a protective barrier against foreign intruders such as wild animals, pastures, and also thieves from destroying the crops. Moreover, people have also been using them to help in marking the boundaries of the farmland to avoid any confusion.


Since these wires are made of galvanized steel, they have a high tolerance to oxidation in the presence of moisture. In other words, the zinc coat helps avoid rusting of the wires for a long time. Moreover, they are also not easy to cut through and have the capacity to withstand harsh weather conditions. That is the reason they are quite well known for their rough and tough use.


The GI Barbed wires are considered to be one of the cheapest fencing options, especially for farm fencing. So one doesn’t have to burn down his pockets to protect their produce.

Easy to Use

Using GI Barbed wire for fencing is quite easy. All you have to do is mark the positions, put the poles in place, and stretch the wire across the poles tightly. Moreover, there are also many easy techniques in which they can be linked to serve your purpose.

Low Maintainance

As mentioned earlier, these wires due to their tensile strength and anti-corrosion, and rust-free properties can withstand all weather conditions. That is why you don’t, have to worry about their maintenance for a very long period. Moreover, even if there are any breaks in the middle, you don’t have to change the entire wiring, you can easily fixing it by just using a single strand.


GI barbed wires are quite flexible to use. Apart from the various tying techniques, you can also use them as coils on the top of the fences and also use them with other wires such as razor wires for increased protection. Moreover, they can also be used with a wide variety of fencing materials such as wood, stones, metal bars, etc.


Although GI barbed wire fences are considered to be the most extensively used fencing material for farm fencing, one must be very careful while using them. Otherwise, there is a very high probability that they might hurt themselves. So, it’s better to use gloves and other safety equipment while working with them.

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