Why Tata Wiron Binding Wires are Considered as the Best Binding Solutions Across Industries

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Before looking into Tata Wiron binding wires, let us know what are the binding wires, this wires are the connecting cables that are used for multiple tie applications in a wide variety of industries. However, they are widely used in the construction sector to tie the bars at the joints and keep the structure intact. Moreover, they are for tying construction materials such as cement bags, metal beams, etc, to keep them from falling and rolling around. They are also called annealing wire and are made of soft steel which comes with multiple features.

Tata Wiron

Now let’s speak about the Tata Wiron. This is a venture of Tata Group known for not just Tata Wiron binding wires but also a wide variety of wire products, used across various industries. It is one of the largest manufacturers of steel wires in the world with a total capacity of manufacturing 0.42 million tons a year. Moreover, with a  workforce of more than 2,000 people, and working at its manufacturing units set up across Tarapur, Jamshedpur, and Pithampur, it is considered as one of the best manufacturers of steel wires in the country that assures quantity but also is keen on delivering the best quality products to its consumers.

Why Tata Wiron Binding Wires

Tata Wiron binding wires are flexible enough to fit the multiple purposes and needs of the construction industry. They come with the high tensile strength that helps in binding the knots without any kind of wear and tear. Moreover, annealing allows them to stay soft, thus making them easy to use. This helps them to keep the bars intact and thus to pour the concrete into the frames with precision and without any dislocation. On the other hand, Tata Wiron binding wires also help in securing secondary frame designs such as chairs, spacer bars in construction, and also holding lapped bars in an ideal position.

Salient Features of Tata Wiron Binding Wires:

Although most of the features of the Tata Wiron binding wires are explained above, here are all the salient features that will help you summarize why these wires are considered best for binding solutions across industries:

  • Tata Wiron binding wires are known to have a consistent diameter to avoid any inconsistencies in their application.
  • Their unmatched ductility and strength help in keeping the knots tight and durable for a longer period of time.
  • They come with the hallmark of Tata quality which is considered as one of the most credible and trustworthy symbols that ensures only the best quality products.
  • Due to precise annealing, they are very soft and hence are easy to use.
  •  Their unique make makes them most secure for not just bind but also packaging purposes and that too with an ease of handling.
  • Their higher length per kg ratio assures not just quality but also the quantity and, thus helps in tie more joints
  • Their ease of application helps in quicker tying and helps saves time thus ensuring efficiency.

This is the reason the Tata Wiron binding wires are on the priority list for a majority of consumers for multiple binding applications across the world.

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